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D-ID Integrations

D-ID is now integrated with your favorite tools. Canva, PowerPoint, LMS systems, stock media and more.

d-id ai video integrations

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Personalized Email Videos

Content Management

Make your emails come alive with AI avatars! Personalized Email Videos by LivingAI enable businesses to create deeply engaging, highly customized video-based emails at scale and within minutes, opening new avenues for customer engagement and business growth. Powered by D-ID’s API, this solution brings a revolutionary approach to email campaigns by incorporating AI-generated video avatars…

Powered By

Social Media

AI Presenters can help you elevate your TikTok strategy and dramatically reduce production pain points Why Integrate AI Presenters into your TikTok Feed? Integrating D-ID’s software into your TikTok strategy can elevate your content by enabling personalized and unique AI-generated avatars, diverse storytelling, and efficient video production. This adaptability fosters collaboration opportunities with other influencers…


Creative Tools

Elevate your Canva designs with AI Presenters by D-ID   Why integrate D-ID’s AI Presenters with Canva? D-ID’s generative AI avatars will allow Canva users to bring their imagination to life with just a few clicks. Content creators can select an avatar, voice, language, and style using the intuitive and easy-to-use D-ID app, accessible within the…


Creative Tools

Create the AI Presenter of your dreams by combining Midjourney and the Creative Reality™ Studio Why Integrate Midjourney images with the Creative Reality™ Studio? From a fictional fantasy character to a cyberpunk-style superhero, by combining Midjourney’s power to generate images with D-ID’s ability to transform any face into a moving and talking presenter, there is…


Creative Tools

Combine the power of computer-generated art with D-ID’s AI Presenters to test the limits of imagination Why Integrate Dall-E images with the Creative Reality™ Studio? The emergence of AI-generated artwork has brought about a surge of online creativity. With Dall-E, users can create any image they can think of by typing in a few words…


Social Media

AI Presenters are an amazing addition to your Insagram repertoire, perfect for Reels, Stories, and Instagram Video Why Integrate AI Presenters into your Instagram Feed? Elevate your Instagram game by adding personalised AI Presenters to your reels and stories. Put on any face you can think of, or use your own, to shine a spotlight…


Social Media

Put the face back in Facebook with AI Presenters Why Integrate AI Presenters into your Facebook Feed? Bring attention to your personal or business brand by showing your friends something they’ve never seen before. AI Presenters are a great conversation starter that drive likes, shares and engagements with your posts. How to Intergate AI Presenters…


Social Media

Create an AI-powered Avatar to stand out and raise engagement on LinkedIn Why Integrate AI Presenters into your LinkedIn Content Calendar AI Presenters provide a breath of fresh air into the endless scrolling on LinkedIn. Make your video content stand out from the stream of corporate photos, walls of text and flashy promo clips, by…



Stock images come to life in the Creative Reality™ Studio, giving you a world of faces to choose from. Why Use Shutterstock Images as Your AI Preseneter? Shutterstock is the world’s biggest provider of stock images. It has hundreds of thousands of photographs of people’s faces. Using the Creative Reality™ Studio every one of those…


Learning and Development

Take training simulations to the next level by incorporating AI Presenters that elevate viewers’ enjoyment, engagement and knowledge retention. Why Integrate AI Presenters with ETU? Video content far outperforms text when it comes to viewer engagement and knowledge retention in training courses and simulation. That effect increases when you include a person’s face in the…

Articulate Storyline 360

Learning and Development

Upgrade your Storyline projects with AI Presenters created simply and at scale Why Integrate AI Presenters with Storyline 360? Add even more teaching options to Storyline 360 by integrating an AI presenter that will help capture your audience’s imagination and attention. Save time and money on video production with instructors who can be customized to…

Articulate Rise

Learning and Development

Elevate your online training courses with AI Presenters that increase viewers’ enjoyment, engagement and knowledge retention Why Integrate AI Presenters with Articulate Rise? Text can be boring, video is great at capturing people’s attention and increasing audience engagement, but it’s expensive and time consuming to produce. AI Presenters provide a cost effective way to integrate…


Content Management

Upload your AI presenter videos and share them with your audience, wherever you like Why post AI videos to Vimeo? Whether you are an independent video creator or a corporate content editor, Vimeo is your window to the world. Videos created using D-ID’s tech have a history of going viral. Let your imagination run wild…


Content Management

Upload your AI presenter videos for the whole world to see and rack up those likes, shares and subs Why post AI Videos to YouTube? Whether you are an independent video creator or a corporate content editor, YouTube is your window to the world. AI Video created using D-ID’s tech have a history of going…


Content Management

Spice up your blogs with AI presenter videos to generate more traffic and engagement Why integrate video presenters in Medium posts? Video content is proven to increase viewer attention, engagement and knowledge retention. Whatever it is you like to write about on Medium, can be elevated using D-ID’s AI presenters. You can dramatize a passage…



Amaze your audience with a presentation featuring an AI presenter. Why integrate D-ID’s AI Presenters with PowerPoint? Integrating video of AI presenters is a great way to add wow factor and make your presentations stand out. It has also proven to increase viewer engagement and knowledge retention. With D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio’s Add-In, you can…

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