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D-ID AI Agents

A New Era of Face-to-Face Digital Interaction

Create an interactive AI agent that works for you! 

By blending the smarts of advanced language models with the warmth of face-to-face communication, D-ID Agents redefine digital connections, making them more personal, engaging, and human.

All you have to do is select your Agent’s appearance, choose its voice or clone your own, describe how you want it to interact, and provide it with documents to augment and personalize its knowledge base. In minutes, you’ll have a digital person you can speak with, just like a real human.

What Sets Agents Apart?

Personalize your Agent – D-ID Agents adapt to fit your needs, bringing a friendly, engaging presence to any interaction.

A step beyond text – Agents listen and respond, offering a human-like dimension to digital conversations.

Swift, accurate responses – With over 90% accuracy delivered in under two seconds,  your queries are answered promptly and precisely.

Cutting-edge reliability – Thanks to retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology, Agents break free from typical language model limitations, providing up-to-date, refined information.

Step-by-step guide to creating an AI Agent

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Start Your Journey with D-ID Agents

Whether you’re seeking to enhance customer experiences with a digital representative, augment your website with an interactive AI avatar, or elevate your online courses with a customized tutor, D-ID Agents are as versatile as your imagination.


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  • What are Agents?

    Agents are autonomous AI assistants that can answer questions based on the knowledge uploaded by their owner, and perform a specific role or task that’s helpful for business or individual use cases.

  • Who can create Agents?

    Anyone can create an agent, without any knowledge of coding. Creating an agent is as easy as selecting a role, giving the agent instructions and uploading additional knowledge. Users need to be logged into their D-ID Studio account and have access to the limited trial in order to create an agent.

  • What are some common roles for AI agents?

    Agents are excellent for roles in marketing, customer engagement or education, and training. Agents can simulate real people and fictional characters, or they can be virtual influencers that represent famous brands or individuals.


  • What are some examples of agents?

    Agents can help companies boost sales, answer their customers’ questions or chat with their followers. Each agent is an expert in a different area, with access to a specific knowledge base. You can talk with an agent to find out exactly who they are and what their role is.

  • How can I  talk with an Agent?

    You can talk with Agents by typing in your question in the text input box, or by clicking the microphone icon and talking with the Agent just like you would talk with another person (available on Chrome/Safari browsers or most mobile devices).

  • Can I speak with agents in any language?

    Yes, agents support many major languages such as Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese etc. Just start talking with an agent in any language, and it will reply in that language as long as it has a multilingual voice enabled.

  • What voices can I use when I create an Agent?

    You can use standard voices, as well as high-quality (Pro) voices from ElevenLabs, which are identified by the Pro icon in the Voices selection menu. You can also select a number of native voices for other languages, as well as multilingual voices that can speak several languages.
    You can also clone your own voice by uploading an audio recording.

  • Can I share my agent with other people?

    Certainly, you can have many other people talk with your agent. You can either share a link to your agent, hosted by D-ID, or you can embed an agent on your own website. Keep in mind that when you share an agent with other users, their conversations with your agent will be charged against your account.

  • How do Agents work?

    Agents use natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI to understand your text or voice input and then provide relevant responses. They use RAG technology to retrieve accurate answers to queries from a knowledge base of uploaded documents.

  • Why do I need to provide documents for my Agent?

    The documents that you upload will provide a knowledge base for your Agent to draw from that is not available to the LLM used by the agent. For example, your documents may have proprietary or non-public information.

    Read more here.

  • What types of knowledge documents can I upload for my Agent?

    Your documents can be PDF or TXT or PPTX (Powerpoint) files that add to the expertise of your Agent. Website URLs are also supported, so you can upload the text content from a web page. For optimal results, you should upload documents that contain paragraphs of text, in the style of an article or an FAQ document.

    Read more here.

  • What are the limits for uploading knowledge documents?

    You can upload up to 5 documents, and each document can have a maximum of 500,000 text characters.

  • Are my source documents private when I upload them?

    Your documents can only be accessed by you and your agents. If you share your agent with other users, then they can also learn about the content of your documents by talking with the agent. For more detailed information, please read our privacy policy.

  • Can I update my agent with new knowledge?

    Yes, you can edit the agent details and text settings and update the knowledge base of your agent.

  • Are there any limits on chatting with agents?

    D-ID is offering everyone 200 FREE conversation sessions that you can use to get started. After that, the number of conversation sessions depends on the price plan you have selected.

  • How is a conversation session with an agent measured?

    Users can receive up to 5 messages from an agent in each conversation session. The sixth message onwards counts as a new session in your price plan.

  • How much does it cost to use Agents?

    You can start on a free trial plan to try out Agents, and then select a price plan that suits you from the D–ID pricing page.

  • Is there an API that I can use to create Agents?

    Yes, an API is available to everyone who has a D-ID Studio account, and the corresponding price plans are on the D–ID pricing page


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