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Elevate your online training courses with AI Presenters that increase viewers’ enjoyment, engagement and knowledge retention

Why Integrate AI Presenters with Articulate Rise?

Text can be boring, video is great at capturing people’s attention and increasing audience engagement, but it’s expensive and time consuming to produce. AI Presenters provide a cost effective way to integrate video at scale and add a wow factor to online courses.

 How to add AI Presenters to your Rise training courses

  1. Generate an MP4 video of an AI Presenter using D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio and download it to your computer
  2. On Articulate Rise, choose an existing course or create a new blank course
  3. Select “All Blocks” in your editor toolbox
  4. Select the “Multimedia” tool and click “embed”
  5. Once the pre-uploaded video appears, select “replace video” and upload the video you created from your downloads folder
  6. Preview the course with the AI Presenter video across different devices (PC, Tablet or Smartphone)
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