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Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
Natural User Interfaces (NUI)

Welcome to the Natural User Interface (NUI).

Interfaces, evolved.

No typing

No clicking

Just human conversation

Since the invention of the computer, people have strived to perfect communication with technology.

The keyboard and mouse got us pretty far – but not far enough.

natural user interfaces
natural user interfaces white

With NUI, collaborating with tech is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

It’s as if you’re working side by side,
talking with a trusted friend.

And NUI is not just intelligent – it’s emotionally intelligent.

It understands your verbal and non-verbal cues like no other technology.

In other words,

NUI gets you.

natural user interfaces white
natural user interfaces white

Finally, mutual understanding is possible between humans and technology.

Now anyone can realize their goals and dreams using tech – without having to learn how to use software.

With NUI, your customers will forge deeper connections with your tech, achieve greater results, and witness the incredible synergy between human potential and the vast capabilities of AI.

Watch the NUI Story

NUI is changing the business world

It’s time to evolve:

  • Customer experience

    Strengthen customer relationships

    Learn how NUI´s expansive knowledge and emotional consistency could result in it being the preferred provider for customer service, consulting, even therapy.

    Natural User Interfaces
  • Marketing

    Take design to the next level

    See how Canva users are enhancing their designs and boosting their global reach with NUI avatars that can speak over 120 languages.

    Natural User Interfaces
  • Education

    Boost skills and expertise

    Discover how edtech company Skilldora revolutionizes education through accredited certification programs taught by expert
NUI instructors.

    Natural User Interfaces
Natural User Interfaces
Natural User Interfaces
Natural User Interfaces
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