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ai that protects identities

The AI

Face Platform

Bringing Faces to Life


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The Tech Behind #DeepNostalgia


Our recent launch with genealogy site MyHeritage has taken the internet by storm. People are connecting with family photos in ways never previously possible, thanks to our Live Portrait technology.


Live Portrait

A single photo is all it takes to create the magic of video 

Talking Heads

Animate presenters based on just audio or text inputs

Video Anonymization

Protecting Privacy in Documentaries

About Us

D-ID was founded by Gil Perry, Sella Blondheim, and Eliran Kuta, who introduced the concept of using deep learning methodologies to manipulate images in ways that  improve the viewer experience while maintaining privacy.

D-ID employs market-leading experts in deep learning, computer vision, and image processing. The company’s IP-protected solutions are changing the way that media and entertainment is created and have been successfully implemented by leading Fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide.

From The Press

04 - March 2021
D-ID: This Start-Up’s Betting Synthetic Media Can Democratize Content Creation In The Age Of Privacy
03 - March 2021
How MyHeritage Brought Family Pictures To Life Using D-ID’s Live Portrait
01 - May 2020
D-ID Reenactment Suite

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