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Live Portrait

A single photo is all it takes to create
the magic of video

AI Avatar generator (D-ID) creates speaking portrait

D-ID’s AI Video Platform

Live Portrait is just one element of D-ID’s AI video platform. Our reenactment-based products offer groundbreaking capabilities, enabling the creation of highly personalized media using AI, specifically for sales, marketing, customer experience, learning & development and AI agents.

Live Portrait

Based on D-ID’s reenactment technology, Live Portrait breathes life into any still photo. The Live Portrait process uses a driver video to animate a person in a still photo to precisely match the driver’s head movement, facial expressions, emotions and even voice. This artificial intelligence-based technology brings a whole new dimension to photos and images, allowing them to be seen in a totally new and fresh way.


Our technology can automatically stitch animated faces back into the original image they were taken from. This allows for much larger image sizes as well as the ability to animate multiple faces simultaneously.

The Benefits of D-ID’s Platform

Personalized Videos

Personalize videos at scale, giving a human face to communications and L&D videos

Fast & Cost-efficient

Turn existing training decks, documents or audio files into engaging video content with minimal effort

At the touch of a button

Create diverse training and learning content at the touch of a button

Scale from Anywhere

Seamlessly scale and localize marketing and educational content across regions, languages and dialects

All in one place

Make revisions and updates without having to go back into video production

Instant explainer Videos

Create highly affordable explainer videos without the need for expensive production teams

Award winning. Transform photos into video presenters at scale.

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