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Create the AI Presenter of your dreams by combining Midjourney and the Creative Reality™ Studio

Why Integrate Midjourney images with the Creative Reality™ Studio?

From a fictional fantasy character to a cyberpunk-style superhero, by combining Midjourney’s power to generate images with D-ID’s ability to transform any face into a moving and talking presenter, there is no limit to the type of AI Presenters you can create. Let your imagination run free, putting words in the mouth of any character you choose enabling you to produce unique stand-out videos for your brand.

How to create AI Presenters Midjourney Genrated Images

  1. On the Midjourney discord type /imagine to open the prompt field
  2. Enter the description of the character you want, the more detailed the better
  3. Select from the 4 generated images, which one you want to upscale
  4. Upscale and variant until you have the image you desire
  5. Save the selected image to your computer 
  6. In the Creative Reality™ Studio, select “Create Video” and click on the plus (+) sign to add a new image
  7. Type or record the text you want the presenter to say
  8. Choose the language or accent the presenter should speak in
  9. Click Generate Video and download as an MP4 file
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