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Personalized Email Videos

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Make your emails come alive with AI avatars!

Personalized Email Videos by LivingAI enable businesses to create deeply engaging, highly customized video-based emails at scale and within minutes, opening new avenues for customer engagement and business growth.

Powered by D-ID’s API, this solution brings a revolutionary approach to email campaigns by incorporating AI-generated video avatars that deliver individually tailored email content to hundreds of thousands of recipients.

Pick who you want as the presenter, select from 120 available languages, choose a voice, enter a script that includes the personalized parameters, and deploy it in minutes to your entire contact list.

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Key Benefits for Businesses:

Enhanced Engagement: AI avatars attract and retain the attention of email recipients more effectively than standard text, leading to higher open and read rates.

Personalization at Scale: Delivers customized videos to each recipient, significantly boosting the relevance and impact of marketing messages.

Increased Conversion Rates: Personalized content resonates more deeply with recipients, leading to higher conversion rates and business growth.

Resource Efficiency: Automates the creation of engaging, tailored content, saving businesses time and resources.

Analytics for Insight: Gathers detailed data on recipient engagement, enabling businesses to refine strategies and target audiences more effectively.

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