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Amaze your audience with a presentation featuring an AI presenter.

Why integrate D-ID’s AI Presenters with PowerPoint?

Integrating video of AI presenters is a great way to add wow factor and make your presentations stand out. It has also proven to increase viewer engagement and knowledge retention. With D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio’s Add-In, you can easily add customizable instructors to any presentation in just a few clicks.

How to add AI Presenters to your PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Press the insert button and click on Add-ins
  2. Locate and download the D-ID Add-in from the store
  3. Sign up or log in to an account on D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio
  4. Once the add-in appears in the presentation, click on the pencil icon to create your presenter
  5. Select a presenter avatar from the existing bank
  6. Choose the shape and the background color of the presenter’s display
  7. Select which voice, language or accent you wish the presenter to speak in
  8. Add a script by typing or pasting text in the desired language
  9. Click on “Create Presenter” 
  10. Wow your audience in a live presentation or export your PPT doc in any way you like
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