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Combine the power of computer-generated art with D-ID’s AI Presenters to test the limits of imagination

Why Integrate Dall-E images with the Creative Reality™ Studio?

The emergence of AI-generated artwork has brought about a surge of online creativity. With Dall-E, users can create any image they can think of by typing in a few words of text. This means that there is no limit on the faces you can create and then give voice and motion to using D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio. Whether it is AI’s take on a popular real world, historical, or fictional character, or one that users invent themselves, D-ID’s technology can bring them to life in a video that can easily be shared with the world.

How to create AI Presenters Using Dall-E Genrated Images

  1. Log in to Dall-E and type in a description of a character’s face. For best results, use the words “portrait” or “facing forward” in your prompt to ensure the image meets the best practice guidelines for uploading a photo to the Creative Reality™ studio.
  2. Fine tune your image until you are happy with the result.
  3. Generate the image and download it to your computer
  4. In the Creative Reality™ Studio, select “Create Video” and click on the plus (+) sign to add a new image
  5. Type or record the text you want the presenter to say
  6. Choose the language or accent the presenter should speak in
  7. Click Generate Video and download as an MP4 file
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