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Stock images come to life in the Creative Reality™ Studio, giving you a world of faces to choose from.

Why Use Shutterstock Images as Your AI Preseneter?

Shutterstock is the world’s biggest provider of stock images. It has hundreds of thousands of photographs of people’s faces. Using the Creative Reality™ Studio every one of those faces can be transformed into a moving and talking AI Presenter, giving users a near endless supply of videos featuring people of all types of demographics. Combining the vast library of images, with D-ID’s ability to animate them, provides a solution to expensive and time consuming casting processes and dramatically reduces video production costs.

How to generate an AI Presenter from Shutterstock images 

  1. Sign in to Shutterstock and type in a description of the type of presenter you want to include in your video
  2. Ensure that the selected image follows D-ID’s best practices guidelines for photo selection
  3. Download the selected photo to your computer
  4. If necessary, crop and edit the photo to meet the platform’s specifications 
  5. In the Creative Reality™ Studio, select “Create Video” and click on the plus (+) sign to add a new image
  6. Type or record the text you want the presenter to say
  7. Choose the language or accent the presenter should speak in
  8. Click Generate Video and download as an MP4 file
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