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Take training simulations to the next level by incorporating AI Presenters that elevate viewers’ enjoyment, engagement and knowledge retention.

Why Integrate AI Presenters with ETU?

Video content far outperforms text when it comes to viewer engagement and knowledge retention in training courses and simulation. That effect increases when you include a person’s face in the materials. Studies have shown that the desired outcomes increase even more when the figures on screen resemble and sound like the viewer. The Creative Reality™ Studio is capable of generating large volumes of training videos and simulations, featuring people’s faces in a way that’s easily customizable. Employing AI Presenters saves businesses time and money on video production by re-using the same texts and only swapping out the appearance and language spoken by the instructor.

How to add AI Presenters to your ETU training courses and Simulations

  1. Generate an MP4 video of an AI Presenter using D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio and download it to your computer
  2. Upload your video in ETU, select “More” when logged into your simulation and select Media QA
  3. When prompted, click on “Upload and Assign Media”
  4. Select your video from the downloads folder on your computer
  5. Click on the Media QA tab to ensure the material was embedded correctly
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