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Boost engagement with a talking head API

Seamlessly add streaming videos to your product using our Generative AI API

ai video api

Real-Time Animation

D-ID’s API now supports synchronistic generation of videos from audio files. With a rendering time of 100 FPS, it’s 4X faster than real-time! Handling tens of thousands of requests in parallel, over 150 million videos have been generated to date.

Step 1: Add a face

A single image is all it takes to create a talking head video. Use any image of a face and make it talk with a simple API request. Use them to make business content more cost-effective, engaging and human.

Step 2: Choose a voice

Give your AI Presenter a voice by choosing from hundreds of available text-to-speech options or uploading an audio recording of your own. D-ID’s software lets you personalize video, at scale, in over 100 languages, and with zero technical knowledge.

Real-time video streaming opens up a new world of possibilities

D-ID’s API enables synchronistic generation of video of digital people from an image and an audio file. Integrate it with your AI chatbot to create face-to-face CX conversations, use it to create real-time video call avatars or add it to your character-based online game. The possibilities are endless.

The Benefits of D-ID’s Platform

Personalized Videos

Personalize videos at scale, giving a human face to communications and L&D videos

Fast & Cost-efficient

Turn existing training decks, documents or audio files into engaging video content with minimal effort

At the touch of a button

Create diverse training and learning content at the touch of a button

Scale from Anywhere

Seamlessly scale and localize marketing and educational content across regions, languages and dialects

All in one place

Make revisions and updates without having to go back into video production

Instant explainer Videos

Create highly affordable explainer videos without the need for expensive production teams

Millions have already seen and been amazed by the technology, which has become a global phenomenon.

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