Boost engagement with a talking head API

Seamlessly add streaming videos to your product using our Generative AI API

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Real-Time Animation

D-ID’s API now supports synchronistic generation of videos from audio files

Step 1: Add a face

A single image is all it takes to create a talking head video. Use any image of a face and make it talk with a simple API request. Use them to make business content more cost-effective, engaging and human.

Step 2: Choose a voice

Give your AI Presenter a voice by choosing from hundreds of available text-to-speech options or uploading an audio recording of your own. D-ID’s software lets you personalize video, at scale, in over 100 languages, and with zero technical knowledge.

Real-time video streaming opens up a new world of possibilities

D-ID’s API now supports synchronistic generation of talking head videos from an image and audio file. Integrate it with your AI chatbot to create face-to-face CX conversations, use it to create real-time video call avatars or add it to your character-based online game. The possibilities are endless.

Millions have already seen and been amazed by the technology, which has become a global phenomenon. 

Our comprehensive documentation and technical support team are here to help you take advantage of all the potential our platform has to offer.

D-ID’s API key is now available to all paying studio subscribers. You will be charged 1 credit for every API call. Trial users who want to test out the API, can reach out directly to support.