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Press Release: D-ID and LivingAI Partner to Revolutionize Email Marketing with AI-Generated Personalized Video Content

Leveraging D-ID’s first in class API, users will be able to create life-like AI avatars in email campaigns, enabling businesses to create deeply engaging, personalized video-based communications at scale and within minutes.

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — D-ID, the leading platform for the generation of AI avatars, and LivingAI, a startup focused on embedding digital avatars with human-like interactivity across popular business tech stacks, today announced the joint release of their Personalized Email Videos integration. The solution easily integrates with any email service provider, offering a revolutionary approach to email campaigns. The integration enables businesses to produce emails featuring AI-generated video avatars that deliver personalized content tailored to hundreds of thousands of recipients quickly and at scale, dramatically enhancing digital marketing and customer experience management.

Businesses struggle with traditional email marketing’s impersonal nature, a factor that often leads to low engagement and conversion rates, on average reaching only 3%. Standard emails fail to resonate with the individual preferences and interests of recipients, resulting in missed opportunities for customer connection and business growth.

Powered by D-ID’s API, LivingAI’s personalized digital avatar for email integration is tackling this pain point by introducing AI-generated video avatars, crafted from text or audio input, which deliver visually engaging content tailored to each email recipient. This will allow enterprises and SMBs to scale face-to-face, personalized messaging to each of their email recipients to attract and retain customer attention more effectively and significantly boost conversion rates.

“Together with LivingAI we’re setting a new standard for customer engagement,” said Gil Perry, CEO and Co-founder of D-ID. “This is a leap forward in making digital interactions more personal and impactful. This is an essential move for businesses that wish to communicate effectively at large scale.”

Additional benefits of the Personalized Email Video Integration include:

  • Enhanced user engagement through realistic AI avatars.
  • Personalization at a massive scale, adapting content to individual recipients.
  • Efficient content creation, streamlining personalized communication.
  • Detailed analytics for improved marketing strategies and insights.

Yuval Machlin, CEO and Co-founder of LivingAI, added, “Working with D-ID has been an exceptional experience. Their easy-to-use API complements our platform, allowing us to offer an unmatched level of personalization in campaign creation that will transform targeted marketing, customer relationship management, and internal corporate communications. Together we have created a solution that enhances engagement and conversion rates and reshapes the way businesses connect with their customers.”

Learn how D-ID’s and LivingAI’s Personalized Video Email integration can elevate your communications. Visit D-ID’s website to learn more and watch a demo.

About D-ID: D-ID specializes in Natural User Interface (NUI) advancements, revolutionizing content creation and digital interactions since 2017. Its expertise in computer vision and deep learning enables the creation of lifelike digital people, serving a broad spectrum of clients from marketing and customer experience sectors to Fortune 500 companies. For more details, visit

About LivingAI: LivingAI is at the forefront of the AI revolution, providing scalable AI-generated teams with human-like interactivity and AI-powered analysis. Its innovative suite of plugins, integrated across various work platforms, allows professionals to create AI-generated team members with personalized features. LivingAI is committed to transforming the landscape of SaaS, enhancing business efficiency and productivity. For more information, visit

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