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Generative AI Is Revolutionizing Content Creativity, but at What Cost?

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D-ID was featured in a recent article by Israel-based news agency The Media Line. Reporter Maya Margit sat down with our VP Commercial Strategy, Matthew Kershaw, who spoke about the huge spike in Generative AI tools

“With generative AI we’re on the brink of a revolution. People are just learning and starting to realize how it can be used. It’s going to turn us all into creators. Suddenly instead of needing craft skills, needing to know how to do video editing or illustration, you’ll be able to access those things and actually it’s going to democratize that creativity.”

The state of the industry 

“A lot of the tech industry at the moment is suffering a bit of a downturn and there have been quite a lot of layoffs but generative AI is one of the few patches of real growth,” Kershaw noted. “That is because not only is it really interesting from a technical point of view, but it has real-world applications which are just being realized.”

The way our company prevents misuse of the technology

“We put in place a lot of measures to ensure that the user who’s viewing this content knows it’s been created by an AI,” D-ID’s Kershaw related. “We’ve had hundreds of millions of AI videos created and I can count on one hand the number of issues we’ve had.”

And the fears people have about AI taking their jobs

“We’ve been automating everything for 100 years and yet we still have full employment and I think that this technology will be the same,” he said.

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