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Welcome to Josh

Josh may be the biggest app you’ve never heard of. The short video sharing app, similar to TikTok, is owned by the Indian content and news aggregator company DailyHunt. It’s one of the largest social networks in the world, with over 100M downloads and 2 billion video plays per day.

Josh fits perfectly within India’s music and dance tradition, which dates  back 30,000 years ago to paleolithic cave paintings in Madhya Pradesh. Over the years, India has pushed musical innovation, and its influence can be heard in music performed around the world.

At D-ID, we are excited to become a part of this tradition. Earlier today, D-ID’s Live Portrait technology went live on the Josh app, which  is known for its music and video editing and sharing tools.

Thanks to D-ID’s deep learning and artificial intelligence-powered technology , users can upload still pictures to the app, and automagically animate faces. The faces do more than blink their eyes, nod their heads, and lift their eyebrows. They move in time with the music playing, bobbing, and shaking with the music. It creates a fun, immersive experience that captures the imagination and takes photo sharing to the next level.

We empower Josh users to take their favorite photos and bring them to the next level, dancing to the beat.

Users have already started creating and sharing their videos, and the initial reactions to this new tool have been great.

This is Indian superstar rapper Badshah showing users how to use the new feature:

Over the last year, we’ve seen our technology used to animate ancestors and preserve legacies. Through our partnership with Josh, we are excited to see our platform evolve into the entertainment sphere, and can’t wait to see where it pops up next.

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