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1 January 2024

Evolving Human-AI Collaboration: Unveiling the Power of Natural User Interface (NUI)

Watch an illuminating webinar where we unveil our vision for Natural User Interfaces (NUI) and their transformative impact on business operations. Get a glimpse into the future of user interfaces and how NUI will reshape the way you approach customer interactions, marketing, sales, and much more.

Webinar Highlights:

  • The Evolution of User Interfaces: Discover the history from TUI to GUI to NUI and the philosophy behind D-ID’s approach to this intuitive, human-centric technology.
  • Leveraging NUI in any industry: Explore real-life applications of NUI across healthcare, retail, financial services, language translation, and customer support.
  • NUI and CX: Dive deep into NUI’s role in revolutionizing customer experience.
  • Unveiling ‘Agents’: Your Custom LLM with Voice and Video: Get a sneak peek of ‘Agents’ and envision its applications in diverse sectors.
Discussion with:

VP of Marketing,

VP Commercial Strategy,

Moderated by
Ron Friedman

Head of Content & Creative Marketing, D-ID

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