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5 December 2023

SingIt and D-ID: A Case Study

Pioneering Face-to-Face AI Teachers in English Learning


Industry: EdTech, Learning & Development

Company Size: Startup <50 employees

Company Mission & Vision: To revolutionize English learning through the power of music and technology.

Products/Services: An AI-powered digital teacher.

Target Audiences: Students in Grades 1-12, teachers, and individuals who want to improve their English language skills.

The Evolution of an Innovative Learning Experience

SingIt has been a trailblazer in the edtech space with its music-based approach to teaching English, boasting 150,000 users in Israel. SingIt sought to further elevate its platform by integrating D-ID’s face-to-face AI teachers. This evolutionary step aims to significantly enhance user engagement and learning retention, providing a more immersive and interactive educational experience. To differentiate and elevate its offering, SingIt partnered with D-ID, whose video streaming capabilities provided the technological edge needed to make its platform even more interactive and engaging.

The Solution: AI Teachers – A New Paradigm in Education

D-ID’s technology enabled SingIt to introduce a groundbreaking concept: face-to-face AI teachers. These advanced chatbots represent a shift in educational technology. By combining conversational AI with D-ID’s rapid video rendering, SingIt created AI teachers that provide real-time, face-to-face feedback to learners. This novel approach not only enhances the learning experience but also offers a scalable solution, crucial for SingIt’s expansion plans. The AI teachers offer a unique advantage: they provide immediate, personalized feedback, enabling learners to correct mistakes in real-time and deepen their understanding of the language, making the learning process more effective and engaging.

The Technology: A Complete Learning Experience

During implementation, SingIt conducted tests to gauge learner preference for various “digital teachers.” An overwhelming 85% preferred the digital teachers created through D-ID’s API. This aligns perfectly with SingIt’s focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which aims to develop emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, through its emphasis on improving language skills by way of connecting with students over something they love – music. D-ID’s technology enables digital teachers to provide immediate feedback to learners, in the form of audio and visual responses, adding an emotionally resonant layer to the learning environment. The fast rendering speed and minimal lag time further ensure a smooth, responsive interaction.

The Impact: Immediate and Sustained Interest

The initial rollout was met with significant enthusiasm, especially among younger learners. The announcement of face-to-face interactions with AI teachers led to a waitlist of over 2,000 people after just a basic video introduction. This overwhelming response validates SingIt’s strategy and underscores the effectiveness of its partnership with D-ID.

The Future: Expanding the Horizon of English Learning

The collaboration between SingIt and D-ID is in its early stages but has already shown enormous potential.SingIt is actively looking to expand its offerings by branching out to other markets, with D-ID providing a readily scalable solution.

In summary, D-ID has been the best solution we’ve found for achieving our mission. Their technology is not just innovative but also
perfectly aligns with our focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), adding an emotionally resonant layer to the learning environment.
We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in pioneering the future of English learning.”

Michael Peled
CEO, SingIt
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