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Press Release: D-ID and Multiverse Partners Join Forces to Bring AI Avatars to Life Globally

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This partnership aims to revolutionize customer interactions worldwide with AI-powered live-streamed interactive avatars, enhancing engagement and customer experience.

14 NOVEMBER 2023, SINGAPORE — Today, D-ID, the leading AI-powered content creation solution specializing in the creation of AI-generated digital people, and Multiverse Partners, a leading digital innovation consultancy with roots in the APAC region, announced a partnership. This collaboration will see Multiverse Partners become a global authorized business development partner of D-ID’s state-of-the-art technology, bringing highly interactive digital people to businesses worldwide.

D-ID’s generative AI video technology connects with large language models like ChatGPT to create engaging, multilingual, photorealistic digital humans. These avatars revolutionize customer service interactions, offering superior engagement from pre-sales to aftercare. By transforming how businesses connect with their customers, D-ID’s technology accelerates the sales process, boosts customer satisfaction and increases ongoing loyalty.

“Multiverse Partners is proud to bring D-ID’s groundbreaking technology to the global market. We’ve supported many marketing technology services in their expansion into various regions. D-ID’s revolutionary AI-powered digital people are a unique addition to our technology portfolio,” said Basil Chua, Managing Partner at Multiverse Partners.

Gil Perry, CEO at D-ID said, “With our expertise in deep learning and human body synthesis, we’ve created an all-in-one platform that allows businesses to create lifelike, front-facing digital people at scale. We understand that nothing is more powerful than personalized human-like experiences and our goal is to support businesses of every size and ensure that every interaction with their customers is both technologically sophisticated and genuinely resonant. We look forward to introducing our technology to new markets with Multiverse Partner’s support.” 

The partnership begins immediately, with D-ID’s services now available to Multiverse Partners’ partners and clients. Both companies look forward to transforming the customer experience landscape by introducing generative AI-powered digital people. This collaboration represents the first step in a long-term growth plan aligned with D-ID’s development roadmap.

For more information about this exciting partnership, please contact Basil Chua, Managing Partner, at basil@multiversepartners.com.

About D-ID
D-ID is a Tel Aviv-based startup specializing in the advancement of user interfaces via its proprietary Natural User Interface (NUI). Founded in 2017 and supported by tier 1 VCs, D-ID is revolutionizing content creation by converting text, audio, and images into lifelike Digital People. Serving a diverse clientele, from Fortune 500 companies to, customer experience and sales and marketing companies, to e-learning platforms, D-ID combines expertise in human facial recognition and deep learning to deliver interactive AI experiences at scale. For more information, visit www.d-id.com.     

About Multiverse Partners
Multiverse Partners is a marketing and business development professional services consultancy firm focused on growing its customers’ businesses in the APAC region. They have a proven track record of helping technology businesses establish strong presences in various markets through strategic support, sales and marketing activation.

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