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Forbes: First-Ever AI Video Platform Integrating Text-Generated Image And Animation

In a new Forbes article published today, Senior Contributor Gil Press interviewed our CEO about the launch of the Creative Reality Studio, its new features, and the path ahead for the Generative AI and AI Video industry.

“This is a game changer for creators,” says Gil Perry, DI-D co-founder and CEO. “It’s the bleeding edge of generative AI,” he asserts, touting the startup’s expertise in deep learning and computer vision. When I talked to Perry last year, he said that the company’s long-term vision is “to lead the next disruption in the video entertainment space by creating AI-generated synthetic media in a responsible way.”

In the rapidly evolving generative AI space, “long-term” means “next year,” so now Perry talks about providing “digital humans” to enterprises, “transforming the way we communicate with machines and elevating our capabilities as humans.” He hopes that sometime next year, we could chat with the digital humans we will create with DI-D’s help.

You can read the full article here.

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