Live Portrait

A single photo is all it takes
to create the magic of video

Live Portrait

Based on D-ID’s reenactment technology, Live Portrait, breathes life into any still photo. The Live Portrait process uses a driver video to animate a person in a still photo to precisely match the driver’s head movement, facial expressions, emotions and even voice. his artificial intelligence-based technology brings a whole new dimension to photos and images, allowing them to be seen in a totally new and fresh way.

Coming soon

The ability to automatically stitch faces back to the original image they were taken from.

Live Portrait is just one element of D-ID’s AI Face Platform, which also includes Face Lit and Talking Heads. Our reenactment-based products offer groundbreaking capabilities to the media, education, entertainment and advertising industries..


Social Media

Bring still profile pictures and previously captured photos to life. Give new tools to your creator community


Create strong emotional attachment and personal interest in family members, for whom only (rare) still photos exist


Arouse curiosity by breathing life into existing still photos of historical figures and celebrities


Bring to life still images of historic figures in video that goes way beyond pan and zoom rostrum effects