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Inc.: Inside D-ID’s ‘Digital Humans’ Build

digital humans interfaces with d-id

Author Peter Cohan interviews D-ID’s CEO, Gil Perry, to discuss D-ID’s innovative Generative AI approach to creating “digital human avatars” that mimic human interactions for applications in customer support and brand representation. Highlighting the transition from privacy technologies to AI video avatars, the article showcases how these digital beings can enhance digital communication by making it more personal and efficient.

Gil Perry emphasizes the scalability and quality of these interactions, positioning the company at the forefront of humanizing digital communication. He envisions replacing traditional chatbots with more natural, intuitive virtual assistants, providing responses through audio and video, and tapping into an expanding market that Gartner predicts could see a significant increase in digital communication supported by such technology. Perry credits the company’s growth to its value proposition—offering speed, cost-efficiency, quality, and scalable development tools for digital humans.

The company is expanding to Manhattan and has no plans to raise additional capital immediately due to efficient operations and significant remaining funds from earlier rounds. With product-led growth leading to revenue, D-ID exhibits potential for further expansion in the Generative AI market. Read more using the link below.

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