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D-ID Announces New Partnership With Japanese E-learning Company Skill Plus

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 27th, 2022,D-ID, a world leader in AI-driven creative media, today announced a new partnership with Skill Plus, a Japanese e-learning platform which plans and sells seminars and e-learning courses, to incorporate D-ID’s digital human technology into their offering.

Post Covid, the demand for online communication has increased in many fields, not least of which includes education and  e-learning. There are however still old-world offline issues that need to be overcome. For instance, it is time-consuming to shoot and record lectures, often with the need for multiple crews with specific expertise to be present when shooting such as camera, lighting, and wardrobe, as well as the need for the continued presence of the eLearning Instructor.

As Skill Plus’s Representative Director, Yu Tsukada says, “To record a 30-minute e-learning course, we had to allocate at least 4 hours for travel, preparation, filming, and cleanup. In addition to the instructor, a filming crew, and a director had to be present.  We wanted to eliminate these problems and were looking for ways to utilize realistic digital human instructors . With D-ID’s Speaking Portrait, we can now easily create elearning videos that are more engaging and personal.”  

Using D-ID’s technology, Skill Plus developed Meta Speaker®, a system which generates digital humans from photographs and audio, drastically saving the time it takes to create educational videos.

“With Meta Speaker®, a single staff member can produce a digital human-learning instructor in about 30 minutes, significantly reducing the work-hours required,” says Tsukada.

“When we were considering a tech partner for this project, we chose D-ID because they are simply the leading company in the world for creating educational videos at scale from still images.”

An example of Skill Plus’s  Meta Speaker® in an e-learning environment can be seen here.

Skill Plus intends to produce more e-learning courses in the future using Meta Speaker®.  Currently they have a service aimed specifically at owners of beauty salons, who face particular challenges keeping up to date with regulations and best practice. They plan to expand further into industries that require the use of digital human resources. 

“We are convinced that this will be a new business opportunity for publishers, authors, and next-generation authors,” says Tsukada.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you use AI to improve your L&D initiatives using D-ID’s proprietary digital human technology. 

About D-ID

D-ID is a Tel Aviv-based Creative Reality™ startup specializing in patented video reenactment technology using AI and deep learning. D-ID’s products range from animating still photos, to facilitating high-quality video productions, and creating viral user experiences. With funding from tier 1 VCs, D-ID aims to radically disrupt the time, hassle and costs involved in video production, allowing for the creation of highly personalized media using AI, specifically in history, e-learning, corporate training, marcomms, AI assistants, and the Metaverse. With international customers, D-ID’s core competencies in the human face and deep learning enable its partners to create exciting and engaging content that was until now unimaginable. To find out more, visit

About Skill Plus

Skillplus Inc. creates online and e-learning courses for corporations and individuals. In

response to changes in social conditions, we have developed MetaSpeaker(R), a platform that

enables the creation of courses without being restricted by time or location, based on the

technology of D-ID, an advanced AI company based in Israel. The message is "free the user

from filming sites and filming time". As a solution for easy video creation, its range of

applications is expanding to include not only e-learning courses, but also video manuals and

news production. To find more, visit to

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Gina Shaffer

Phone: +1-707-533-1504


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