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AMA: You asked us everything you wanted to know about D-ID Agents

On March 27th, we hosted a webinar introducing our most recent and exciting product: D-ID Agents. As part of the D-ID Academy, we have been hosting a series of sessions to demystify our technology and services. This webinar was unique in allowing the audience to ask us everything they wanted to know about Agents and how they will be used in their businesses.

The session was led by Ron Friedman, Head of Content and Creative at D-ID, who kicked off with a brief introduction to D-ID and our products, followed by an introduction of our panelists, Simon Kurakou, API Tech Support Engineer, Steve Ormonde, Regional Manager EMEA, and Ben Yael, Full Stack Team Lead.

To better understand D-ID Agents, Ron showed a live demo of how we created an interactive agent representing William Shakespeare in honor of World Theater Day. We even asked William to discuss contemporary cinema and compose a sonnet about AI.


Ben Yael joined the session to explain the technology behind D-ID Agents: Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). RAG is a key concept that leverages the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) to create customized and extendable developer experiences.

The process involves taking the knowledge documents uploaded by the user, separating them into chunks or records, and embedding each of these records into a vector DB. The user’s query is then optimized, and the top relevant records are fetched from the vector DB using a similarity search. This relevant context and information are then used to generate the answer in real-time.

RAG helps make LLMs more accurate and up-to-date. It also grounds the agent’s responses to the specific knowledge base uploaded by the user.

Simon explained the D-ID API, which is hosted in either our AWS cloud or on-prem on the user’s servers. He showed us why D-ID’s API is better because it is publicly available, quick and simple to use, supports both input and output streaming, and is always stable, scalable, and flexible.

The Uses of D-ID Agents

Steve discussed the practical application of D-ID Agents. Large corporations and businesses are starting to recognize the potential of LLMs. D-ID Agents can leverage this potential to create interactive, engaging, and personalized user experiences. He also showed how science supports that the more human-like a digital human is, the more likely customers. are to interact with it and emotionally connect to it – thereby creating brand loyalty and satisfaction.


Finally, the team opened the floor up for questions, including “Can Agents replace the search bar on my website?” “Which markets or sectors would benefit most from Agents?” “Can the avatar look like me or anyone I want?” and “Can non-human characters be used as Agents?”

You can watch the whole session below and find answers to these questions and more.

Stay tuned for more sessions from the D-ID Academy as we continue to explore the world of AI video generation and AI Agents.

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