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Total Retail: The New Face of E-Commerce Storefronts: Digital Human Avatars

e-commerce ai video with d-id

Matthew Kershaw, D-ID’s VP of Commercial Strategy, explores the transformative role of digital human avatars in e-commerce, highlighting how they bridge the gap in online shopping experiences by adding a human touch that’s been missing in traditional digital interfaces. It suggests that these AI video avatars, capable of mimicking human expressions and emotions, can significantly enhance customer engagement and communication.

Kershaw points to studies indicating that digital avatars evoke empathy and connection among users, making the online shopping journey more personal and interactive. Research from an IBM study reveals that only 14 percent of online consumers are satisfied with their online shopping experience, so this shift towards more lifelike online interactions is seen as a way to increase user satisfaction and trust in digital storefronts.

The integration of digital human avatars into e-commerce is posited as a game-changer for the industry, offering a new level of personalization and effectiveness in customer service and interaction. The potential benefits include improved customer experiences and increased credibility for online retailers. For more insights, read the article using the link below.

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