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Case Studies
5 December 2023

SPIN Sport Innovation and D-ID: A Case Study

Innovating for Impact: How SPIN Sport Innovation Transformed Content Creation Using D-ID

Name: SPIN Sport Innovation

Industry: Sports/Health/Education

Company Mission & Vision: SPIN exploits sport as a driver for sustainable development to make a positive change to the world.

At SPIN Sport Innovation, a social impact organization driven by the belief in the power of sport and health-enhancing physical activity as a catalyst for sustainable change, the mantra is simple yet profound: “Together we can make a change.” Based in Germany and working with organizations worldwide, they are dedicated to co-creating innovative ideas that spark progress and drive positive development across different sectors.

In the dynamic fields of sport, health, education, and youth engagement, SPIN collaborates with an extensive network of stakeholders, ranging from higher education institutions and public agencies to non-profit organizations and businesses, operating both locally and on an international scale. What sets SPIN apart is its pioneering role in developing innovative education and learning concepts, with a particular focus on informal and non-formal learning. This involves fostering collaborative learning in innovative ways.

SPIN recognized the potential of D-ID’s digital people solutions to amplify their global reach and enhance the impact of their educational content. By leveraging these solutions, they set out to revolutionize their content creation process and increase their engagement with their target audiences.

Implementing D-ID’s Digital People Solutions

SPIN has always been committed to driving social change, embarking on a diverse range of ideas, projects, and partnerships. However, the need to send multiple team members to various locations for interviews and information gathering or to record data for learning initiatives proved to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. This approach was neither scalable nor cost-effective, creating a significant challenge for their mission.

In November 2022, SPIN took a significant step forward by integrating D-ID’s digital people video solutions into its content. This integration was instrumental in designing online capacity-building courses utilizing digital people to present the topics and make learning more accessible. These avatars are strategically used to either introduce lessons or accompany course content, adding a human element to the information and raising interest in the topics. This was especially crucial when capturing the attention of new learners.

The decision to collaborate with D-ID was driven by several key factors:

Value: D-ID’s competitive pricing structure didn’t compromise on quality, making it an excellent choice for SPIN Sport Innovation.

Ease of Use: The organization also felt that the platform was incredibly user-friendly, enabling the entire team to quickly adapt to the technology. They also felt that the time from concept to completion was significantly reduced – in one week they were able to produce 15 to 20  videos.

Customization: The capability to upload and personalize images and utilize digital representations of their staff provided SPIN with a unique and individualized approach to their projects and initiatives.

Multilingual Support: D-ID’s ability to offer various voices in languages such as English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or Hungarian was a critical factor for a globally operating organization like theirs.

Achieving Results with D-ID



One of SPIN’s standout projects, RISE, aims to build a worldwide Sport for Good learning community. Initially, their partners were hesitant about the use of digital people with different voices. However, as the project progressed, people acclimated to the avatars, focusing on the content delivered. This illustrates the adaptability and acceptance of digital people in real-world applications.

As SPIN continues to refine its content creation process, they are confident that D-ID will play a pivotal role in creating engaging lessons and videos for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. This partnership showcases the profound impact of innovative technology on social change and educational opportunities, setting an inspiring example for organizations looking to leverage cutting-edge solutions to make a lasting difference in the world.

“We at SPIN, enjoy working with D-ID a lot. It has helped us to make our learning courses more accessible and engaging for our learners.
Besides that, we can create these courses for a shorter period and without the need to travel.”

Drin Ferataj
Project Manager and Sport for Development Expert
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