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Case Studies
1 May 2024

Case Study: Diplomat Group Uses D-ID to Transform Training

Empowering Growth: How D-ID Reshaped Training and Marketing at Diplomat Global

Name: Diplomat Group

Industry: FMCG Distribution

Company Mission & Vision: Our aim is to drive value and provide customers with full-service FMCG supply chain solutions to become their preferred choice. Nationwide, we distribute a diverse portfolio of global and domestic brands in person­al and household care and food products. Diplomat enables customers to turn opportunity into success. Our approach to doing business adapts global strategies to local market structure and needs. We offer customers joint business planning, best-in-class supply chain, sales and marketing solutions, and a broad range of value-added services.

Diplomat stands tall as the premier sales and distribution company in Israel, specializing in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) ranging from toiletries to food and a wide range of household items. With a global reach extending to countries like Georgia, Cyprus, South Africa, and New Zealand, Diplomat is renowned for its expansive business network and diverse clientele. Headquartered in Israel, the company operates with a multinational approach, with over 2500 employees globally, catering primarily to retailers.

Identifying the Pain Points

Like many innovative enterprises, Diplomat Group encountered challenges in its quest for efficient and dynamic communication channels, particularly concerning product marketing and employee training. The reliance on external vendors for video production proved to be cumbersome and costly. Despite initial satisfaction with traditional video tools, the integration process and turnaround time were suboptimal. Moreover, the company sought a solution to empower internal teams to create and customize video content independently, facilitating faster and more cost-effective production while enhancing employee skill development.

Discovering D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio

In pursuit of a comprehensive solution, Diplomat embarked on a journey to explore alternatives. Through diligent research and trial periods with various tools, the company discovered D-ID and was instantly drawn to its versatility and user-friendly interface. This discovery came about through organic channels, with recommendations from industry peers and positive reviews emphasizing D-ID’s alignment with the company’s needs. 

Implementing D-ID Solutions

Armed with D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio and the PowerPoint plug-in capabilities, Diplomat’s Global Learning and Development team developed a new workflow for content creation. The platform’s intuitive features enabled the production of diverse video content assets, including training videos for new systems and processes, training guides segmented into easily digestible modules, and presentations with AI presenters. Leveraging D-ID’s premium avatars and a vast library of voices in a wide array of languages, the company crafted engaging narratives and simulations, enhancing both internal training initiatives and external communication strategies. 

Impact and Feedback

Since integrating D-ID into its operations, Diplomat has witnessed a remarkable transformation. The transition from traditional video production methods to D-ID’s AI-powered capabilities has yielded significant benefits. Internal feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with management applauding the platform’s ability to address pain points related to production time, vendor dependence, and cost reduction. Employees have embraced the platform’s simplicity and versatility, leveraging its capabilities to streamline content creation processes and enhance communication effectiveness. The team has created a workflow that allows contributors and writers from other departments to submit requests for videos to be made using the Creative Reality™ Studio. They also follow design and content guidelines in order to maintain brand consistency across all training materials.

Looking Towards the Future

The team’s next project with D-ID involves creating product simulations with AI Avatars. They developed an Excel template with specific sets of questions and possible answers. In this module, a digital avatar will present a scenario and ask a question. Based on the user’s answer, the avatar will respond and ask the next set of questions. Diplomat looks forward to seeing how this new form of digital interaction can take their learning initiatives to the next level. 

As they continue to explore D-ID’s full potential, the company remains committed to fostering collaboration and learning within the organization. Regular interactions with D-ID’s support team ensure ongoing optimization and innovation, focusing on exploring new features and methodologies. In the dynamic landscape of sales and distribution, Diplomat has emerged as a trailblazer, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize its operations. Through strategic collaboration with D-ID, the company has unlocked more of its potential, empowering its teams to create impactful content with ease and efficiency. As Diplomat continues its innovation journey, D-ID remains a steadfast partner, driving success through AI innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

“D-ID’s platform has given us a solution to our pain points, such as time to production, not needing to rely on outside vendors, time savings, and cost-reduction.
Our management is very supportive and sees this as a perfect tool for our needs.”

Naomi drori
Group Head of Learning and Development, Diplomat Group
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