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Case Studies
5 December 2023

Defined.ai and D-ID: A Case Study

Transforming Customer Interactions with Digital People

Name: Defined.ai

Industry: Information and Technology Services

Company Mission & Vision: Defined AI offers a robust, scalable solution that combines machine learning, data science, and crowdsourcing to deliver precise, diverse, and rich datasets.

Products/Services: AI training data company and marketplace

Defined.ai is a leading-edge technology company specializing in providing high-quality datasets to a diverse range of industries — Defined.ai’s expertise centers around the curation and sale of datasets crucial for training artificial intelligence models. Through a comprehensive marketplace, Defined.ai connects companies with essential AI resources, facilitating innovation and excellence in various fields. This approach enables businesses to independently build robust, intelligent systems using the foundational data provided by Defined.ai.

Data is King

Established in 2015, with offices in Seattle and Lisbon, the company serves a wide array of clients and offers advanced AI solutions to help them stay ahead of the competition, increase their operational efficiency, and deliver enhanced customer experiences. Their robust data collection platform is the bedrock upon which they build groundbreaking AI solutions, enabling them to provide valuable insights and drive innovation across industries. Defined.ai also places great emphasis on ethical and responsible AI practices – ones that respect privacy, security, and transparency.

Harnessing D-ID for Human Engagement

In the realm of digital transformation, Defined.ai recognized the need for lifelike avatars to enhance customer engagement. Collaborating with Microsoft and Daredata Engineering, they embarked on a pilot project in partnership with the Portuguese Agency for Modernization (AMA) to improve digital interactions. They chose to work with D-ID technology because it provided services they couldn’t find elsewhere in the industry. This collaboration not only exemplifies Defined.ai’s commitment to innovation but also showcases the technical superiority and affordability of D-ID technology.

Government-Sponsored AI Initiative

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Portuguese government launched the Recovery and Resilience Plan, which includes the Accelerat.ai initiative. This government-funded project, with an investment of 34.5 million euros, spans three years and encompasses the development of a comprehensive system featuring speech-to-text conversion (STT), natural language understanding (NLU), dialogue management (DM), natural language generation (NLG), and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. Defined.ai plays a key role in this singular project, advancing the use of artificial intelligence across different sectors. A notable element of Accelerat.ai is the AMA pilot, where Defined.ai has effectively implemented conversational AI with avatars to enhance service delivery in public agencies. This pilot represents a significant step in integrating AI into public services, setting a precedent for future technological integrations. Accelerat.ai, under the guidance of Defined.ai, not only streamlines operations in the public domain but also introduces innovative AI solutions to the private sector, marking a significant stride in Portugal’s journey toward digital transformation.

Impacting a Diverse Array of Clients

Defined.ai’s engagement in the public sector, mainly through initiatives like the AMA pilot, showcases its use of artificial intelligence to enhance government agency operations. These efforts focus on boosting efficiency and improving service quality, reflecting Defined.ai’s dedication to modernizing public services through tailored AI solutions. The digital people solution they have created using D-ID’s API is integrated into the front end of the website, answering users’ questions about government services.

Defined.ai’s commitment to transparency and reliability is showcased through live demonstrations and product offerings. They use D-ID’s platform, including the API and chat. D-ID, for external clients and internal communications, making sure to keep the two projects separate and ensuring full accountability and security.

Transforming the Future of AI People

Defined.ai continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons. Defined.ai’s strategic use of D-ID’s technology has paved the way for groundbreaking innovations in customer engagement. Their collaboration demonstrates the immense potential of D-ID in revolutionizing the digital landscape. Defined.ai proves that avatars can seamlessly bridge the gap between businesses and their customers and is ready to see how this partnership can bring forth further innovation.

“As a Conversational AI provider, by using D-ID technology we’re able to showcase our value proposition of having a live conversation
with a generated photorealistic person in real-time using a neural voice across different channels (web and app). D-ID’s API is well
documented and the D-ID technical team was very supportive during the implementation phase.”

Fernando Moreira
Senior Program Director
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