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5 December 2023

Convo.ai and D-ID: A Case Study

Elevating Conversational AI Experiences with D-ID’s Streaming API


Industry: AI Mobile Solutions

Company Mission & Vision: Convo.ai combines the power of generative AI, speech recognition & mobile-first functionality to provide you an intuitive conversational experience with AI through speech.  We aim to drive more human-like interactions with AI that will reveal the limitless potential in how we use this breakthrough technology for years to come.

Products/Services: Mobile App

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the pursuit of inventive solutions to enrich conversational experiences stands at the forefront.  Convo.ai is on a mission to meet this demand with its mobile offering. The brainchild of Founder & CEO Andrew McCalla, Convo.ai is a product that seamlessly melds the conversational capabilities of generative AI with the fundamental need for human connection. Andrew recognized the pivotal role of facial expressions and voices in creating truly engaging interactive experiences. It was this insight that drove him to integrate D-ID’s API into his software, thereby enhancing the authenticity and realism of user-generated AI characters.

A Unique Platform for Human-to-AI Connections

Founded in 2022, Convo.ai occupies a space at the intersection of AI and entertainment and is committed to improving conversational experiences through the power of AI. At its core, Convo.ai seeks to revolutionize AI conversations by putting character creation into the hands of users, regardless of their proficiency in AI technology. In contrast to prior solutions that primarily revolved around text-based interactions, Convo.ai enables conversations to flow naturally by seamlessly incorporating both audio and visual elements. To enhance these interactions, Convo.ai facilitates conversations with characters boasting diverse personalities, customizable appearances and facial expressions, as well as a selection of over 150 AI voices with varying pitches – akin to conversing with a live human.

These remarkable capabilities are made possible through the integration of D-ID’s API with its live-streaming capability. This technology empowers the characters, aptly referred to as Convo Companions, to respond in real-time, tailoring their interactions to the user’s specific preferences and criteria. The voices of these Companions are brought to life by ElevenLabs, a technological marvel that supports over 30 languages. Convo Companions also allows users to clone their own voices if desired, granting them absolute control over the auditory facets of their conversations. Moreover, Companions possess the remarkable capability to develop memories and adapt their responses as they engage in ongoing conversations with users, fostering a dynamic and perpetually evolving human-to-AI connection.

Looking ahead, Convo.ai has ambitious plans for further platform development. These plans encompass the exploration of a proprietary LLM (Large Language Model) to enable even more profound character personalization. The Convo.ai app boasts additional features such as AI-generated photos with voice prompts and a “Categories” feature, where an AI assistant helps to craft emails, text messages, and even essays for sharing with friends and family.

Target Audience and Reception

Convo.ai primarily targets AI enthusiasts, technologists, and individuals with a passion for exploring new AI breakthroughs. Since the recent launch of the flagship iOS app, Convo.ai has garnered approximately 1.6K downloads in the App Store. Operating on a subscription model, the platform offers users the option to make in-app purchases to continue the conversation with AI characters and voice options. Notably, a significant portion of subscribers consists of those who pay for D-ID-generated characters, highlighting the allure of this innovative feature. Convo.ai adopts a community-driven approach, allowing users to create their own distinctive characters, which can be kept private or shared with the broader community for their use.

Transforming Conversational Experiences

Convo.ai, empowered by D-ID’s API and other pioneering AI technologies, is on the cusp of revolutionizing conversational experiences with lifelike AI characters. The platform has gained recognition and garnered interest among AI enthusiasts, positioning itself as a key player in the domain of AI-driven human experiences. Convo.ai’s vision and its journey with the API exemplify a unique innovation in the industry, showcasing the potential of streaming AI and the boundless opportunities offered by this transformative technology.

“D-ID exceeded all of my expectations with their generative AI solutions. Their technology transformed my project, Convo.ai,
from a standard AI mobile solution to something that is truly unique & intuitive. Their commitment to excellence and
cutting-edge technology make D-ID the go-to choice for anyone seeking superior generative AI services.”

Andrew McCalla
Founder & CEO of Convo.ai
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