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With Creative Reality™ Studio you can generate photorealistic presenter videos by combining images with text at the click of a button, using AI for training materials, corporate communications, social content and more.

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Start creating videos in 3 simple steps:
1. Upload your photo (or choose one from our library)
2. Add text
3. Choose your language and voice
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Creative Reality™ Studio Benefits

Personalize videos at scale, giving a human face to communications and learning videos

Turn any training decks, documents or audio into engaging video content at low cost

Make diverse training and learning content at the touch of a button

Seamlessly scale and localize any content across regions, languages and accents

Make revisions and updates at the touch of a button without any production hassle

Create highly affordable explainer videos

Common Use Cases


educational video maker

Convert a photo with text or audio into an interactive and engaging video presenter.

Training and Onboarding

AI Art Animation

Enable AI-based training materials for faster and cost-efficient video production of employee assets.

Explainer Videos

elearning for workplace

Turn text into video to make it more engaging. Enhance learning by producing it in a more compelling, human way.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communication videos

Utilize AI-generated video to scale content with speech or text-to-video technology – reducing the need to perform in front of the camera.


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