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Press Release: Signaling a New Era of Human-Computer Interaction, D-ID Launches Digital Agents, a Natural User Interface (NUI) Product

Generative AI digital person

Early access to D-ID Agents will be given to support the adoption of advanced AI tools for Enterprises and SMBs

(Delaware, USA – December 12th, 2023) – D-ID, the leading platform for the generation of digital humans, announced today the limited release of D-ID Agents -a breakthrough in human-computer interaction akin to face-to-face human conversation. D-ID agents is a no-code method of producing interactive digital humans to sell, support and teach on websites, presentations and apps and create a more natural and engaging customer experience.

D-ID’s Digital Agents, driven by the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), will enable businesses of all sizes to embed an AI-powered virtual assistant onto their websites to engage in face-to-face conversations with customers, creating an intuitive and personal user experience. Businesses will be able to provide tailored interactions with diverse customer bases across global markets by giving them the freedom to create Agents of different ages, genders, and ethnicities, trained in multiple languages. Enterprise users will be able to make use of advanced development options through D-ID’s API, allowing them greater flexibility and customization and the ability to deploy Agents at massive scale, while SMBs and creators will enjoy access to an array of features through the Creative Reality™ Studio.

With the growth of LLMs and rapid adoption of generative AI innovations, digital-native consumers are increasingly demanding a more natural and intuitive way to interact with applications. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of digital and marketing communications will be supported by Avatars using text-to-video Generative AI, up from less than 5% in 2022.

In response to changing consumer expectations and in conjunction with the launch of Digital Agents, D-ID is also introducing its Natural User Interface (NUI), the next evolution of human-machine interfaces, enabling users to communicate with technology through face-to-face conversations. NUI is the natural progression from TUI (Textual User Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface) and is a new way to facilitate interaction with devices of all kinds, on human terms.

NUI functionality will provide a comprehensive multimodal experience with a face, a body, and a voice for applications such as digital customer support representatives, digital salespeople for ecommerce storefronts, and digital instructors for training presentations. D-ID NUI and D-ID Agents will allow companies to improve the UX they offer to their clients and improve the engagement rate, satisfaction rate and conversion rate of their products.  

“Digital technology has become increasingly powerful, but our capacity to extract value from it is often limited by how we interact with it,” explains Gil Perry, CEO and Co-founder of D-ID. “The NUI platform is changing this by enabling companies to develop interfaces that facilitate natural, face-to-face conversations with customers. These interfaces understand and earn the trust of the user, without any typing or clicking. They will adapt and evolve along with business and digital landscape. This advancement powers D-ID’s Agents, allowing them to respond intelligently to customer questions and provide personalized advice, meeting the customers’ need for prompt and effective interaction.”

Platform Features and Functionality: 

  • Agent Creation and Editing: Users can easily customize an agent’s physical characteristics and vocal attributes (pitch, tone) to align with organizational CX objectives. The ability to edit or delete agents as needed ensures that materials and personas remain relevant.
  • Knowledge Base Query: Grounded in real company knowledge, Agents can intelligently engage in two-way, LLM-powered conversations based on business data, knowledge bases and customer service handbooks. Users can simply upload Text or PDF files, PPTs, or links to URLs.
  • Hosting Flexibility: Dependent on business needs and budget, two Agents platform are made available: an API for enterprise and ISV developers, and a pre-packaged API through the Creative Reality™ Studio website for SMBs. Agent owners can create and host their Agents on both platforms and embed their Digital Humans onto external websites and mobile platforms to suit their price points and volume of consumer interactions.

As pioneers in AI-generated creative content, D-ID’s expansion to their current offerings will allow their clients to create a complete solution that begins with the Creative Reality™ studio and the creation of digital people, and move toward complete integration within a wider UX/CX solution.

NUI is set to usher in an era where enterprises can harness the cutting-edge in conversational Generative AI and Large Language Models by creating scalable interactive Agents to elevate employee training sessions, offer round-the-clock, face-to-face sales representation, and provide a supportive companion for each user’s shopping experience.

In addition to the launch of NUI and Agents, D-ID is unveiling a new look that reflects its vision of a world where digital interfaces are far more than just technical intermediaries between humans and software; they are customers’ trusted collaboration partners, guides – even friends.

For more information on NUI by D-ID and Digital Agents, and to explore the new website, visit Businesses or organizations who wish to join the waitlist to access D-ID Agents should register here.

About D-ID:

D-ID specializes in the advancement of user interfaces via its proprietary Natural User Interface (NUI). Founded in 2017 and supported by tier 1 VCs, D-ID is revolutionizing content creation and digital interaction by converting text, audio, and images into lifelike Digital People. Serving a diverse clientele, from sales and marketing and customer experience platforms to Fortune 500 companies, D-ID combines expertise in facial synthesis and deep learning to deliver interactive AI experiences at scale. For more information, visit

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