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Press Release: D-ID Mobile App for AI Video Generation Surpasses 1 Million Downloads Worldwide Five Months After its Release

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Creative Reality Studio dominates app stores as AI video popularity soars

AI Video Generator Mobile App

WILMINGTON, Del., April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — D-ID, the leading platform for the generation of digital humans, announced today that its Creative Reality Studio mobile application has reached a major growth milestone: over 1 million downloads worldwide five months after its release. Available on Google Play and iOS, the app creates lifelike AI-powered digital people from a single image with accompanying scripts in 120 languages.

Launched in October 2023, Creative Reality™ Studio enables users to generate speaking, moving AI avatars by uploading still images and scripts. The app delivers unmatched generative AI creation tools for anyone wishing to post videos featuring “digital people” – be it representations of themselves, historical figures, fictional characters, or brand ambassadors onto a variety of platforms, including email and social media.

The achievement coincides with the surge in demand for AI-generated video content creation tools. The most common professional use case came from marketing and content teams; with D-ID’s on-the-go AI avatar creator, these users can effortlessly produce targeted video marketing content, anytime and anywhere. Other main use cases were observed in learning, and customer experience.

More than 80% of users upload their own images to turn into avatars, with average video durations measuring 29 seconds, ideal for social media applications. All videos produced via Creative Reality™ Studio contain a watermark to verify content was generated using AI.

“People are excited about the availability of powerful AI tools in the palm of their hands, and they’re learning quickly just how easy it is for anyone to produce engaging, high quality video content from a single image,” says Gil Perry, Co-founder and CEO at D-ID. “This is the magic of AI’s migration to mobile – complete democratization of AI video production capabilities, available on-the-go to anyone with a mobile device.”

Creative Reality™ Studio has had mass adoption in North America, Europe, APAC, and MENA. In the last month alone the android app has seen a majority of downloads in India, and iOS in the US.

New features since the launch include:

  • Selfie mode for instant avatar creation
  • In-app voice recording capability
  • Flexible voice import options
  • Personalized and customizable background uploads

Upcoming features include:

  • Animated subtitles in sync with dialogue
  • Advanced voice cloning features
  • Incorporation of high-quality voices from ElevenLabs
  • Refined control over avatar expressions and motions
  • Newly structured pricing plan for increased flexibility and accessibility
  • In-app instant avatar generation

The 1 million download milestone comes on the heels of D-ID recently announcing the general availability of Agents – the company’s real-time conversational AI avatars with RAG technology. D-ID Agents can hear, think, and speak in real-time, enabling businesses of all sizes to provide consumers with the lifelike customer experience and service they demand.    

About D-ID:

D-ID specializes in the advancement of user interfaces via its proprietary Natural User Interface (NUI). Founded in 2017 and supported by tier 1 VCs, D-ID is revolutionizing content creation and digital interaction by converting text, audio, and images into lifelike Digital People. Serving a diverse clientele, from sales and marketing and customer experience platforms to Fortune 500 companies, D-ID combines expertise in facial synthesis and deep learning to deliver interactive AI experiences at scale. For more information, visit www.d-id.com.

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