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Data Economy: Natural user interface: Is the understanding between the human and the machine already here?

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Alex Pisarevski, founder of Epic AI Dev & Epic Web3, delves into the evolving realm of artificial intelligence, particularly focusing on the development and implications of Natural User Interfaces (NUI) in his interview with Or Gorodissky, Vice President of Research and Development at D-ID and co-organizer of the Epic AI Dev Summit, who discusses the core vision behind NUI, its role in enhancing human-technology interactions, and its potential to transform various business sectors.

Gorodissky highlights the shift from traditional interfaces like GUI to NUI, which aims for more natural, conversational interactions with technology, akin to human-to-human communication. This approach is seen as a way to make digital interactions more accessible, intuitive, and inclusive, thereby bridging the gap between humans and digital realms.

The article also touches on future advancements in AI and video generation, emphasizing the creation of more immersive and engaging interfaces. Gorodissky notes the challenges in creating high-quality AI-generated video content, including maintaining temporal consistency, resolution, and computational efficiency. Furthermore, they discuss the integration of D-ID’s technology with existing systems and platforms, focusing on the balance between technological sophistication and user experience, and the importance of ethical practices in AI Video development, emphasizing transparency, privacy, and adherence to ethical standards.

Finally they bring up Radio Fórmula’s use of D-ID’s technology to create AI-generated newscasters is mentioned, showcasing the successful fusion of traditional media with advanced AI technology.

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