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D-ID’s new web app gives a face and voice to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

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“We are wired to communicate with faces, we understand the situation better when we do. We feel more comfortable and we can observe complex information better when we’re in what feels like a real scenario. Video is more effective than text, so the app increases the power of large language models by adding a face,” D-ID’s CEO and co-founder Gil Perry told TechCrunch about the launch of chat.D-ID.

The company launched the world’s first web app that allows people to converse with an AI face-to face in March, setting a new standard for human-machine interaction. The app will soon offer a variety of avatars that users will be able to choose from as well as upload any image of their choice.

Perry, told TechCrunch that D-ID believes giving ChatGPT a voice and face will allow more people to use the technology, as people who can’t read and write will now be able to converse with AI. Another goal of the chat.D-ID to make it easier for elderly people to use AI. The company believes its new web app opens up access to ChatGPT more widely.

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