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D-ID Adds New Anonymization Solution for Video and Still Images

identity protection with d-id
D-ID anonymization replaces human faces with computer-generated faces to ensure immediate privacy compliance

D-ID, the only company that protects identities from facial recognition systems, today introduced the newest addition to its products portfolio: Smart Anonymization solution for video and still images. Utilizing the most advanced computer vision and deep-learning models, D-ID’s proprietary anonymization algorithm replaces facial features and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including license plates, with computer-generated data. D-ID’s Smart Anonymization is easy to deploy and ensures immediate privacy compliance.

Watch this video to learn more about D-ID’s Anonymization solution.

Visual content drives Internet usage for both business and personal communications. Video-data accounted for an estimated 79 percent of Internet traffic in 2018. At the same time, every day more than 300 million photos get uploaded to Facebook and another 95 million are shared on Instagram.

The visual content market is expected to grow exponentially, fueled by smart city and retail applications, autonomous vehicles, and other sources that generate petabytes of data every minute. However, because this data contains sensitive Personally Identifiable Information, it cannot be utilized commercially due to restrictive privacy regulations. D-ID’s anonymization solution changes this – empowering companies to use and monetize publicly-recorded video data in a compliant manner.

D-ID removes facial images without processing or profiling the subject. It then replaces the images with AI-generated, photorealistic faces of nonexistent people. These anonymized faces retain a natural complexion, making the technology far superior to legacy solutions that rely on blurring or pixelation. Moreover, anonymized faces preserve key non-identifying attributes of the original face including age, gender, expression, gaze direction and more, allowing for analytics to be collected while respecting privacy laws and regulations.

“Privacy regulations like GDPR were put in place to give people power over their personal data, not to prevent companies from reaping the rewards that analyzing big data can offer,” said Gil Perry, co-founder and CEO of D-ID. “Our Smart Anonymization solution fulfills that vision by allowing privacy and visual data commercialization to co-exist.”

About D-ID

D-ID allows organizations to enhance security and ensure their customers’ and employees’ privacy by removing sensitive biometric Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from videos and still images. The company’s revolutionary De-Identification solution makes images unrecognizable to facial recognition algorithms – while keeping them similar to human eyes. At the same time, D-ID’s Smart Anonymization replaces facial images with AI-generated faces, allowing organizations to apply advanced analytics and monetize video data, while still meeting strict privacy regulations. Promoting standardization frameworks such as GDPR and Privacy by Design.

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