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In the latest issue of The New Yorker, Kyle Chayka writes about the wave of fake Balenciaga ads that have taken the internet by storm. These short mock commercials, mashing up the high-profile Italian fashion brand with pop-culture characters from the Harry Potter universe, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Breaking Bad and many more, all of which were created using D-ID’s technology have managed to capture people’s imaginations. The original video by D-ID user DemonFlyingFox has garnered millions of views and spawned countless copycats.

The key takeaway from The New Yorker piece is that while the technique can be mimicked, there is an essential artistic process behind the work, which comes across in the ability to capture a cultural moment and reflect it back at the audience in a captivating way. “To put it another way, execution may have been democratized by generative A.I., but ideas have not,” writes the author.

Click the button to read the full article including an interview with Alex Niklas, the creator behind the DemonFlyingFox handle.

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