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Fast Company: How generative AI can put a ‘human’ touch back into customer service

AI Customer Service

By Gil Perry

In a world where the quality of customer experience (CX) is paramount, the personal touch is becoming scarce in the face of expanding global customer bases and technological advancements. Gil Perry highlights the gap between the need for a more personalized customer service experience and the reality of delayed responses and impersonal interaction businesses offer. Not only do poor customer experiences cause a drop in customer satisfaction, but they have tangible financial repercussions for businesses globally.

Emerging technologies, particularly generative AI, are now paving the way for a transformation in customer service. Unlike previous technologies that have provided only marginal improvements in CX, generative AI offers a significant leap forward.

AI avatars can mimic the human touch in customer interactions, offering personalized, “face-to-face” engagements without the wait times and impersonality that plague current systems. D-ID, a leading company in the AI avatar market, offers a platform for creating lifelike AI video agents. These agents can conduct coherent conversations in multiple languages tailored to the company’s specific datasets and knowledge bases. This development not only promises to restore the ‘human’ feel to digital customer service but also positions businesses to significantly enhance their customer engagement and satisfaction on a global scale.

As businesses prioritize AI to improve their customer experience, the adoption and strategic implementation of generative AI tools like AI avatars could be a game-changer in redefining customer service standards and achieving a genuine competitive edge.

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