Deep Learning Researcher

In D-ID we use AI for automatic video production
Enabling our customers to create high quality, creative content – fast & at scale
With a world leading team in building high impact products using emerging tech
We are looking for exceptional deep learning researchers to join us

Role & Responsibilities

  • Member of the company’s R&D team
  • Develop & evaluate generative deep learning models
  • Deliver ideas from research to production

Needed Skills

  • Applied mathematics
  • Image processing / computer vision
  • Deep learning in production/research
  • Programming skills python
  • Pytorch / equivalent framework
  • Generative models – advantage
  • 3D modeling – advantage

You Are

  • Hands on
  • Team player
  • Self-learner and a researcher
  • Independent and self-motivated


  • M.Sc. or equivalent industry experience


D-ID, a Y Combinator and 8200 EISP alumni, raised $23M. 

As a computer vision startup specializing in patented video production technology using AI. D-ID’s products allow creators and developers to generate realistic high-quality AI personas easily and ethically for natural interactions. Among D-ID’s customers are MyHeritage, Warner Bros., Mondelez, and Josh (India’s leading social platform). 

D-ID’s core competencies in the human face and deep learning enable its partners to create exciting and engaging content that was until now unimaginable and positions her as a strategic leader in the rapidly evolving metaverse space. We bring life into the metaverse.