D-ID AI Presenters live on Canva

Create Captivating Video Content with AI-Generated Avatars

Supercharge your designs with video

Dive into the world of Generative AI-powered design with the groundbreaking D-ID AI Presenters app via Canva, the world’s top graphic design software. Elevate your visual content with cutting-edge AI technology and create engaging, interactive videos effortlessly.

Breathe life into your designs with AI avatar videos

Enrich your content by adding dynamic, AI-generated avatars. Animate any face image or explore our vibrant collection of preset options.

Streamline your creative process

Save valuable time and resources by leveraging AI technology to generate professional video content efficiently and cost-effectively for presentations social media, and more.

Integrated directly into Canva

Tap into the full potential of the Creative Reality™ Studio‘s  core capabilities directly within Canva’s intuitive interface.

Revolutionize your Canva designs with D-ID AI Presenters!

Fuse AI-driven technology with Canva’s user-friendly design tools to create eye-catching, engaging, and interactive content that leaves a lasting impression.

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