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CTech: “If you want to create an avatar using Joe Biden or Donald Trump, you will be blocked.”

D-ID has been recognized as one of Calcalist’s most promising startups. The company focuses on creating AI-generated videos that humanize bots, making them more engaging for marketing purposes. To address ethical concerns, D-ID enforces strict regulations such as adding watermarks to videos and prohibiting the creation of avatars using the likenesses of well-known figures like Joe Biden and Donald Trump. These measures aim to prevent the misuse of our technology, particularly in the creation and dissemination of deepfakes. By implementing these safeguards, D-ID balances innovation with responsibility, ensuring that our AI-generated content is used ethically and does not contribute to misinformation or harm.

Listen to Tomer Zuker, VP of Marketing at D-ID, speak to CTech about our place on Calcalist’s ‘Most Promising Startups’ list – and the challenge of providing AI video tools in an election year.

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