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Revolutionizing Motion Pictures With D-ID: A Case Study Of Using Generative AI Software to Make “Bird Woman, Sacajawea”

Introduction: This case study explores the use of cutting-edge generative AI technology by professional actors, filmmakers, and storytellers to create captivating and inclusive content. Focusing on the groundbreaking motion picture “Bird Woman, Sacajawea,” this article highlights the combination of AI-generated images and facial animation software together with live-action footage and voice talent.

Background: Spotlighting underrepresented communities, the filmmaker behind this case study has a history of creating acclaimed works that shed light on Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). Following their earlier Emmy award success with “No Maps on My Taps,” which celebrated Black tap dancers, the filmmaker continues their mission to promote diversity in the film industry. Building on their commitment, they embarked on the creation of the “Bird Woman” multi-episode series using D-ID’s facial animation software.

Story Overview: “Bird Woman” tells Sacajawea’s journey from a captured and pregnant native of the Shoshoni Mountain Indians married to a scurrilous French Canadian fur trader, to leading the Lewis & Clark Expedition to the Rocky Mountains the Pacific Ocean, and back East again. When they return East, her journey bares the sweeping conflicts and heart-wrenching choices she must make for herself, her tribe, her infant, Pomp, and her shapeshifting powers.  

Episode 1 “Bird Woman”: This episode introduces a unique storytelling approach by merging 19th Century legends, game-like characters, and motion pictures. Original characters are crafted by reimagining historical figures into Midjourney’s 21st-century photo-realistic character modalities, immersing the audience in a new level of engagement. 

Enhancing Authenticity with D-ID: Leveraging D-ID’s full creative studio of facial movement and 3D characters’ seamless talking technology, the filmmaker enhances the authenticity and realism of the characters.  Through the seamless integration of professional actors’ performances into speaking and emoting animated characters, the filmmaker tells the shapeshifting story of Sacajawea, bridging the gaps between AI technology, human creativity, and motion pictures.  

Enriching Facial Expressions: Facial expressions play a vital role in engaging the audience, and D-ID’s continuous improvement in facial expression capabilities enriches emotionally charged scenes, elevating the viewer experience. The software’s upcoming updates and the alliance with the filmmaker promise to provide more expression options, enabling greater realism. 

Natural Sounding Dialogue: Complementing realistic facial expressions, D-ID’s ongoing development of voice selection technology enhances the depth and believability of the character’s dialogue. The filmmaker has a complete script, cast, and refined sound design with professional multiple award-winning Native American and non-native American actors, composers, and musicians ensuring a broader range of natural-sounding voices. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the filmmaker showcases the seamless remote recording process facilitated by experienced dialogue recording actors, musicians, and sound effects editors. The resulting audio and AI video combination achieves a human and natural quality, blurring the line between live actors and animated characters. 

Breaking AI Stereotypes and Looking Ahead

With the growing prevalence of chat-based interfaces, the filmmaker foresees widespread adoption of technology. The integration of expressive facial animations with conversational agents will reshape content creation and consumption, revolutionizing the various industries: motion pictures, games, social media, and beyond.

Addressing skepticism surrounding AI, the filmmaker proves how AI can enhance storytelling and bridge the gap between traditional and innovative approaches. By breaking the fourth wall and allowing characters to directly address and interact with the audience, the filmmaker deepens the connection and immersion, making viewers feel like they are part of the narrative. Looking to the future, the filmmaker envisions the potential of interactive social media, television, and gaming, leveraging DID’s animation software. This concept allows viewers to actively participate in the narrative, altering the storyline or contributing their ideas in real-time, opening new avenues for commercial ventures, and captivating viewer experiences. 

Anticipating Conversational AI Integration: The filmmaker predicts incorporating D-ID’s conversational AI capability, enabling user interactions with expressive avatars. This integration opens possibilities for interactive films combined with social media engagement. 

Conversing with Historical Figures: The filmmaker envisions conversing with historical figures, such as Sacajawea, using D-ID’s conversational AI integration. This interactive dialogue immerses the audience in an educational and entertaining experience, blurring the boundaries between history and present-day engagement. 

New Episodes for the 2023 season and a brand-new Season 2 can incorporate D-ID’s new software thus completing the magical realism possibilities of this Native American journey from kidnapped girl to tribal elder into the legendary 21 Century international heroine.

Future Prospects: With the growing prevalence of chat-based interfaces, the filmmaker foresees widespread adoption of technology. The integration of expressive facial animations with conversational agents will reshape content creation and consumption, revolutionizing the various industries: motion pictures, games, social media, and beyond. 


D-ID’s animation software has emerged as a transformative tool for the motion picture industry, empowering professionals to create immersive, diverse, and interactive content. Through the integration of game-like characters, expressive facial animations, and conversational interfaces, D-ID’s technology redefines storytelling, audience engagement, and commercial ventures. This case study showcases the potential of the Amerikids Productions and D-ID’s partnership in revolutionizing the future of motion pictures, elevating the art of storytelling to new heights. 

About Bird Woman  

Bird Woman is an animated magic realism, film series that tells the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition from the perspective of Sacajawea, the Shoshoni woman who served as an interpreter and guide for the explorers. The 2023 film is produced by Amerikids Productions winning the Heritage / Historical Impact Award at The Latino & Native American Film Festival and the official selection of the WRPN Women’s International Film Festival. Bird Woman is also released as a video podcast series on Spotify, Apple, and other video podcast streaming platforms in 2023: 

About Amerikids Productions 

Amerikids Productions is a multiple award-winning, leading provider of multimedia, television, theatre, and animation solutions. The company’s use of pioneering technology allows the team’s director and writer, Lynn Rogoff, and its digital art supervisor, Kevin Snider, to create photo-realistic animated images and video collaborations with real-world actors, musicians, composers, and editors. Amerikids Productions products are used by a wide range of businesses and organizations, including Hollywood studios, video games, and public television.  

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