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Interview: Answering Developers’ Most Burning Questions about D-ID’s API

Understanding the nuances of D-ID’s API offerings is crucial for deciding if you want to use it for a future project, and we’ve tapped into the expertise of Simon Kurakou, our Tech Support Engineer and the manager of D-ID’s Developer Hub, to shed some light on the topic. We asked Simon to tell us what are the top five questions he receives from our customers and how he answers them. Questions include how to get started with D-ID’s API, utilizing the API key in projects, leveraging ElevenLabs’ high-quality voices, implementing D-ID’s real-time streaming technology, and reaching out to our API tech support team for any follow-up questions and features. 

Why Should I Use D-ID’s API instead of the Creative Reality™ Studio?

D-ID’s API is the go-to for developers and organizations seeking automation, scalability, and custom integration for animation or real-time streaming projects. It offers advantages like high scalability, deep custom integration, cost efficiency at high volumes, and flexibility with many configuration parameters.

On the other hand, Simon notes, D-ID’s self-service Studio shines for its ease of use and immediate access, making it perfect for individuals or teams with limited technical expertise or those working on smaller-scale, less complex projects. It provides a user-friendly interface for quick, manual creation and manipulation of AI video content without the need for coding. Ultimately, the decision boils down to whether your priority lies in the sophisticated, automated capabilities and customization potential of the API for extensive operations, or the straightforward, accessible nature of the Studio for quick, creative tasks.

How do I get started with D-ID’s API?

Our team has created a perfect getting-started page that contains a product overview, the latest updates, and video tutorials featuring all the latest API features.

How do I use the API Key with requests in Postman / Code?

To start using the API practically, you need to generate the API key from the Studio’s “Account Settings” page and use it with your Postman or code request. Follow our simple Using Authentication guide or contact customer support for more information.

How do I use ElevenLabs premade and Instant Clone high-quality voices?

All the high-quality Pro+ voices available in the D-ID Studio are ElevenLabs voices. ElevenLabs specializes in creating highly realistic and customizable synthetic voices using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Pro+ voices are also accessible from the API and can be used with Talks, Clips and Streaming endpoints. You can use your own instantly cloned voices, available from your ElevenLabs account, in the API by following the instructions in the Hub’s ElevenLabs Voices guide.

How do I implement D-ID’s real-time streaming technology?

To implement the streaming solution (as seen on, we would recommend starting with a few examples of D-ID’s Streams API, documentation links, and the related topics that are available below.

How do I Get in touch with D-ID’s API Tech Support Team for Follow-Up Questions and Features?

D-ID has a professional and distributed support team that will be happy to help you with any Studio and API questions. Complex API questions are being discussed on the API Discussions forum, there is a Discord community and discussion forum which will be announced really soon. The support team is also always accessible by email at

By utilizing the valuable insights provided by Simon and referring to our extensive guides, you can confidently and thoroughly evaluate the available D-ID platforms and select the one that best aligns with the unique requirements of your project.

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