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D-ID partners with GoodTrust to animate images for life and legacy

Earlier today, we announced an exciting new partnership with GoodTrust, a company dedicated to protecting and preserving the digital legacy of its members. Through GoodTrust’s services, families are able to preserve online digital assets and memories even after their loved ones pass away.

As part of GoodTrust’s services, the company secures digital photographs, which can now be enhanced through our AI facial reenactment technology. Together we launched an innovative AI solution that brings priceless family photos and video memories to life.

The newly launched GoodTrust Memories, which was recently featured on CBS This Morning, allows users to animate a current or historic photo to share with loved ones. In the press release that went out earlier today, Rikard Steiber, CEO and founder of GoodTrust, was quoted saying “We’re exploring new ways to expand GoodTrust Memories with D-ID.”

Through reenactment, we have created an emotional pathway that allows family members to connect with the past, and preserve a lasting piece of history for the family, offering peace and comfort to those saying goodbye.

Our CEO and co-founder Gill Perry captured the essence of this partnership. “We are thrilled to be partnering with GoodTrust, leveraging our deep learning expertise to help people preserve and bring their memories to life in new and exciting ways. Utilizing AI to strengthen our connections to our past is something we at D-ID are passionate about, and we look forward to working with GoodTrust to advance that purpose.”

This announcement was the second major reenactment announcement that we’ve made this year, following our partnership with MyHeritage. In contrast with Deep Nostalgia, where our technology is used to bring back a piece of history, GoodTrust Memories will be created by those wishing to preserve a part of themselves.

Reenactment is an exciting new technology which empowers people to control their legacy for all time. It transforms photos from weddings, lifecycle events, or just an afternoon in the park, and adds emotion, expressions, smiles, and head nods.

We intend to continue to support GoodTrust memories, as we enhance the platform with new features that further their mission.

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