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D-ID launches First-Ever Generative AI to Combine Text-Image-Video on One Platform

Preview of the Cretive Reality Studio

 Integrates D-ID’s proprietary technology with GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion

 Next-generation Creative Reality Studio™ is the first platform to generate and animate faces and add AI-generated text in one interface

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 13th, 2022 –  D-ID, a world leader in Generative AI and creative media, today launched the first multimodal generative AI video platform to enable both image and text generation together with animation. The company’s next-generation Creative RealityTM Studio, a self-service video platform that integrates D-ID’s proprietary generative AI technology with GPT-3 from Open AI and Stable Diffusion from Stability AI, uses deep learning models to generate digital composite faces and speech in 119 languages based on prompts from users’ descriptions. 

Ai Generated Video Using Creative Reality Studio

Creative Reality™ Studio empowers creators, marketers and training teams to develop engaging content with AI-generated customized video narrators. The latest version radically reduces the cost and hassle of creating video content by combining the company’s deep learning technology together into one offering alongside other AI-generative technologies including GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion. Brands, corporations, marketers, creators, digital artists, filmmakers, advertising agencies, illustrators, storyboard artists, music video producers, and game developers can easily create compelling videos using a single image – effectively bringing the image to life and delivering it into the hands of millions for the first time. D-ID’s Generative AI-powered video technology is available to both enterprise clients and individuals.  The platform can be accessed at studio.d-id.com 

“We are only beginning to see the potential of creative Generative AI technologies and they are set to take the world by storm,”  said Gil Perry, CEO and Co-Founder of D-ID. “We are incredibly proud to be at the bleeding edge of the emergent generative AI scene, introducing the first platform to offer image and text generation together with animation, providing unlimited creative possibilities and potential.  We are very much looking forward to seeing our users’ results.”

D-ID unveiled its corporate training solution in July which enables companies to create engaging video content and more recently partnered with Spring ACT, a non-profit based in Switzerland to bring its untraceable chatbot to life and help victims of domestic violence. D-ID’s technology animated the photorealistic interactive avatar to make it more accessible to populations of all literacy and backgrounds by enabling victims from anywhere in the world to actually talk, not just chat, with her in 13 languages. 

D-ID’s Generative AI technology has already been used to create over 107 million videos. D-ID unleashed the viral sensation Deep Nostalgia, which took over the internet for months, as millions of people used the tool to bring photos of ancestors and historic figures to life. The company is working with Warner Bros, Mondelez and many other Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises.

About D-ID

D-ID’s generative AI technology elevates learning and development, sales, and marketing video content. Our platform enables creators to generate photorealistic digital presenters from text, dramatically reducing the cost and hassle of video production at scale. Customers include leading e-learning platforms, Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies, production companies, social media platforms and content creators of all sorts.  D-ID was established in 2017 and is backed by tier 1 VCs. Over 107 million videos have been created using our technology. Our solution is available through a self-service studio, an API, and plug-ins. We are instrumental in bringing AI assistants to life.

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