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D-ID Launches Corporate-Training Solution, Harnessing AI and Digital Human Technology to Revolutionize the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Highly personalizable corporate training and development technology using synthetic media to enhance employee connection and engagement, D-ID introduces first platform to offer a choice of unlimited virtual instructors

TEL AVIV, IsraelJune 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — D-ID, the world leader in AI-driven creative media, today unveiled the first new corporate training solution that enables companies to create engaging video content featuring an unlimited choice of virtual human instructors. Companies can create corporate training and internal communications videos in just seconds, using a single image. Videos can be created using any front-facing image, which could be pictures of team members, spokespeople, or any of the millions of stock images available online. These images are effortlessly paired with text or audio files to create customized photorealistic avatars.

The world of business communications is increasingly pivoting to video as it is more immediate, easier to digest and engaging. Fanning the flames of this expansion are the rapidly evolving worlds of avatars and the metaverse, both of which urgently demand a more creative, immersive and interactive content approach from digital creators.

D-ID’s first corporate offering enables companies to easily transform articles, websites, and corporate marketing materials into videos at scale, without the need for costly productions and studios. In addition to enabling materials to come alive, the platform provides a means for companies with a distributed workforce to offer a diverse range of presenters in terms of age, ethnicity, gender and language. This is done for radically less time, effort and cost than current options – with easy-to-edit options for revisions and updates.

“By entering the realm of corporate training, D-ID is now disrupting another vitally important segment, offering enterprises and B2B customers a way to make a genuine connection with their workforce,” said Gil Perry, CEO and Co-Founder of D-ID. “Video generated content that is more personalized, has the potential to change the way we feel about our places of work, giving it a relatable and welcoming element. Our offering, as well as providing considerable time and cost saving, provides an opportunity for a more human connection at a time when so many feel disengaged.”

D-ID continues to transcend the barrier between image and video. Its sophisticated AI technology has disrupted and powered some of the most groundbreaking feats of synthetic media in the last year, including MyHeritage’s viral sensation Deep Nostalgia which has generated over 100 million animations. Following the company’s success in genealogy, D-ID partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures, GoodTrust, Publicis and Mondelēz (formerly Kraft Foods) and JoshIndia’s version of TikTok to transform the way people interact with images, bringing still photos to life. D-ID also made a meaningful impact with several public awareness campaigns. “Listen to my Voice” gave voice to victims of domestic violence, and “Letter to Myself,” in collaboration with Public Health France, sent a powerful message to people living with HIV.

D-ID has a policy to prevent abuse of its technology and the creation of “deep fakes.” Users will require authentication by D-ID, and can be removed at any time from the platform. All videos generated will further have a watermark, clearly displaying to viewers that they were created with synthetic media.

View demo videos of the new corporate training platform and D-ID’s media kit for photos.

About D-ID

D-ID is a Tel Aviv-based Creative Reality™ startup specializing in patented video reenactment technology using AI and deep learning. D-ID’s products range from animating still photos, to facilitating high-quality video productions, and creating viral user experiences. With funding from tier 1 VCs, D-ID aims to radically disrupt the time, hassle and costs involved in video production, allowing for the creation of highly personalized media using AI, specifically in e-learning, corporate training, marcomms, AI assistants, history and the Metaverse. With international customers, D-ID’s core competencies in the human face and deep learning enable its partners to create exciting and engaging content that was until now unimaginable. To find out more, visit www.d-id.com.

Media Contact:

Gina Shaffer
Email: d-idpr@si14global.com

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