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Harry Potter in Berlin: A Magical Remix using D-ID’s AI Video Creator

D-ID AI Video Harry Potter

Berlin’s famed techno culture collides with the wizarding world in “Harry Potter in Berlin,” a unique video by AI Creator Demonflyingfox, crafted using D-ID’s AI Video Generator. This playful reimagining of Harry Potter characters, set against the backdrop of Berlin, has caught the attention of several news outlets, including Tagesspiegel, Morgenpost, and FazeMag.

Leveraging the D-ID AI Video Platform, the artist brings a fresh twist to beloved characters. Harry, Hermione, and Voldemort are re-envisioned with a modern, urban flair, complete with a techno soundtrack and iconic Berlin imagery.

Going viral on platforms like, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, the video has sparked conversations about AI in art.  His approach, which he considers more meme-making than traditional art, utilizes the power of AI to create striking and entertaining cultural remixes. The video’s success showcases the potential of AI as a tool for creative storytelling and cultural commentary

Demonflyingfox’s “Harry Potter in Berlin,” with its clever use of D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio, illustrates the endless creative possibilities of AI in storytelling. It’s a blend of technology and tradition, infusing new life into well-known narratives.

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