Face Lit

Changing expressions in photos and
portraits using AI technology

Turn that frown upside down with D-ID’s Face Lit.
The company’s reenactment technology can change up the expression in any still photo.

Users can control expressions by playing with specific attributes like smiling, raising eyebrows, winking etc, or just choosing the desired expression from preset moods.


This artificial intelligence-based technology brings a whole new dimension to photos, allowing them to be seen in a way never imagined before.
Face Lit is just one element of D-ID’s AI Face Platform, which also includes Live Portrait and Speaking Portrait. Our reenactment-based products offer groundbreaking capabilities to the media, education, entertainment and advertising industries.



Give users the ability to create personalized emojis and smileys, by using their own face to express different moods and reactions in messages

Stock photo

Increase the value of your images by providing users alternative facial expressions of portraits.

Digital Greeting

Create more engagement by giving users the power to change the facial expression of the recipient of their card. For example, take a regular photo and make it pull funny faces!

Digital photo albums &
photo-editing apps

Add functionality by letting users change the facial expressions of people in their most precious photos. For example, allowing them to make a non-smiling face smile or vice versa.